雙語讀新聞:1. 奶茶聯盟亞洲民主的新希望


Milk Tea Alliance: The New Hope of Asia Democracy



Milk Tea Alliance was originally a Meme war on Twitter, but it has gradually become a democratic movement of Z generation. Now, this movement has spread across five countries. The young people of these five countries adore democracy and they think only when their voices are heard can the situation be shifted. Milk Tea Alliance is named after a beverage they all love: milk tea. The name Milk Tea Alliance also connotes democracy, since people from five countries all drink milk tea in different ways. Although we drink milk tea differently, we all love milk tea. Although we fight for different rights, we all believe in democracy.


奶茶聯盟成員 The Members of Milk Tea Alliance

台灣Taiwan –珍珠奶茶Pearl Milk Tea

泰國Thailand – 茶牛奶冰Cha Nom Yen

香港Hong Kong – 絲襪奶茶 Silk Stocking Tea

緬甸Myanmar – 柏瑪茶Burma Chai 

印度 India – 香料茶Masala Tea



1. 民主事蹟 Some Facts about Taiwan


Since democratization began in Taiwan in the 1990s, its efforts on democracy and human rights can clearly be seen by the world. According to the 2020 Democracy index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Taiwan is the most democratic country in Asia and ranks 11 in the world. 

2. 民主象徵Symbol of Democracy – 太陽花 Sunflower




1. 民主事蹟 Some Facts about Thailand


The government and the monarchy of Thailand took the opportunity of the pandemic to tighten the grip on people. The laws were altered and the system became more autocratic. Pro-democracy students were enraged by the government’s decision and the monarchy’s part in it. Therefore, they started the protest in July 2020. They appealed to the government for the disbandment of parliament, the regulation of new constitution and refraining from violence against people. 

2. 民主象徵Symbol of Democracy – 哈姆太郎 Hamtaro




1. 民主事蹟 Some Facts about Hong Kong


On 28 September 2014, the pro-democracy Hong Kongers peacefully occupied the main thoroughfare across the city and paralysed the traffic. They were fighting for true universal suffrage. Although the Hong Kong and Beijing governments didn’t compromise then, Hong Kongers had become more determined in seeking the true democracy. In June 2020, the pro-democracy Hong Kongers were once again out on the streets. Although they didn’t have a leader this time, they managed to mobilize one third of the population to protest by communicating through the anonymous app, Telegram. 

2. 民主象徵 Symbol of democracy – 雨傘umbrella




1. 民主事蹟 Some facts about Myanmar


In 2015, Aung San Suu Kyi led her party to win the general election and build a democratic government, which overthrew the decade long military rule. However, the military government seized power again on 1 February 2021. People in Myanmar have been protesting against the military coup for more than a month. They call for returning the power to the democratic government because they feel their freedom is restricted under military rule.

2. 民主象徵Symbol of Democracy – 舉三指Three-Finger Salute




1. 民主事蹟


Since India gained its independence in 1947, it has become the most populated democratic country. They spend approximately 5 billion US dollars on the general election. There are 900 million voters, so it usually takes up 40 days to complete a national election. However, the voting rate of Indian people is 65% which is considerably higher than other democratic countries. This means Indian people’s passion about democracy will never be shattered or influenced by the complicated procedure.

2. 民主象徵 Symbol of Democracy – Satyameva Jayate 惟真理得勝

Satyameva Jayate 惟真理得勝



Democracy is an idea which the government is acting on behalf of its people, and its actions are always examined by the people. This is implemented by the parliament whose members are elected by the citizens. The two main principles of democracy are individual autonomy and equality. If these two principles are being satisfied, everyone in the country will have the same opportunity to influence the decision-making process of a country and enjoy their own lives without being controlled.

democracy 民主

parliament 議會

citizen 公民

individual autonomy 個人自主

equality 平等

decision-making process 決策過程



We, Milk Tea Alliance, the youth of 5 Asian countries, believe democratic system is by far the most successful system in guaranteeing its people’s welfare. Therefore, we are here to protect it from the rising influence of authoritarianism and totalitarianism across the world.  

authoritarianism 威權主義

totalitarianism 極權主義



學完了民主和威權的單字,準備好要和Milk Tea Alliance走向街頭了?Let’s march!

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