一、1分鐘單字速速記 Vocabulary

  • hotcake (n.) 薄煎餅;薄鬆
  • cast (v.) 分配…扮演(某角色),為…選派演員
  • shelter (n.) 掩蔽(處);遮蔽(處)
  • gang (n.) 幫派;朋友圈
  • icing (n.) 糖霜
  • loaf (n.) 一條(麵包)
  • pastry (n.) 茶點,點心


二、麵包百科 Different Types of Bread and Pastries

If you’re a bread lover like myself, then you must know the following names for the different types of bread and toast. Although typically people just say ‘white’ or ‘brown’ bread, it’s always best to know the technical terms and to be more specific. Here we go!




Bread & Toast

white (用於食品名稱中)白…

whole-wheat / wholegrain 全穀物的

rye 黑麥

multigrain 雜糧

sourdough 發酵麵糰


Common Pastry Names

French bread / baguette 法式長條

bagel 貝果

croissant 可頌

donut 甜甜圈

bun 小圓

dinner roll 小餐包

pineapple bun 菠蘿

Danish pastry 丹麥酥皮

red bean bun 紅豆

hot dog bun 大亨堡

hamburger bun 漢堡

pie 派

tart 塔

éclair 長條泡芙,鮮奶油鬆餅

strudel 果餡捲

pretzel 蝴蝶餅

muffin 馬芬

cupcake 杯子蛋糕

scone 烤餅,司康

egg tart 蛋塔


三、相關的常用成語/俚語 Common Idioms & Expressions about Bread

Here are a few fun and yummy common idioms and expressions you’ll often hear in daily conversations that have to do with bread and pastry. Although they’re not actually talking about bread and pastries, the baked goods are used in creative ways to express different situations and feelings.

這裡有一些有趣且美味的常見俚語和表達方式,可以常常在對話中聽到。 儘管他們實際上並不是在談論它們,但烘焙食品還是可以以創新的方式用於表達不同的情況和感覺。


bread and butter 收入來源

Example: Teaching kids to play the piano is my bread and butter.


to break bread with someone 與誰共餐(用於與敵人/仇人化解時)

Example: We all need to learn to break bread with the enemy.


the greatest thing since sliced bread 非常好的發明/事物

Example: This new mobile device is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


a pie in the sky 天馬行空

Example: Her plan sounded like pie in the sky.


half a loaf is better than none 有一點總比沒有好

Example: I wanted to get a new laptop but I could only afford a used one. That’s okay because half a loaf is better than none.


to sell like hotcakes 熱銷

Example: The new iPhones are selling like hotcakes!


to get a piece of the pie 可以得到的一份(盈利或福利)

Example: As soon as they heard my plan was working, they all wanted a piece of the pie.


to sugarcoat something 掩飾(問題、事實等)

Example: Just tell me the truth, don’t sugarcoat anything.


to cast one’s bread upon the waters 默默行善

Example: Although she comes from a low-income family, she always casts her bread upon the waters. She volunteers and donates to local shelters on a regular basis.


the icing on the cake 錦上添花

Example: I was only expecting to see a couple of familiar faces at my high school reunion, but the entire gang was there! It was definitely the icing on the cake.


We hope the additional idioms and expressions are the icing on the cake for you in our article today about different bread and pastry names! As always, see if you can apply the newly learned terms and phrases in your daily English practice. Have fun!



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