商業英文,關於交際應酬,你不得不知的 5 個小常識!


▲關於交際應酬,你不得不知的 5 個商業英文小常識!的圖片
▲關於交際應酬,你不得不知的 5 個商業英文小常識!

一、商業英文:交際應酬注意事項與小技巧 Precautions & Tips

When you need to socialize for business, knowing how to appropriately entertain your guests at a business lunch/dinner can be quite tricky. It’s very different from your usual wine and dines with friends. If you’re a novice at this, take a look at some of our bits of advice and tips for you!



1. Better safe than sorry! 有備無患

Always stray away from taboo topics, even if it’s not the first meeting, just to be on the safe side! These topics may cause unwanted debatesheated discussions, and other possible sticky situations that you might have a hard time getting out of. These taboo topics include (but not limited to): religion, politics, personal information (salary, weight, age, etc.)


2. Please and thank you. 常說「請」跟「謝謝」

Manners, people, manners! ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ go a long way. This should be applied to all kinds of socializing, not just for business!

禮貌啊!禮貌!簡單的「please」和「thank you」總是會讓人家對你的印象加分。這適用在各種類型的社交場合上,不僅止於商業。

3. Don’t hog the mic! 別霸佔主場!

Include others in your conversation. Positive and effective discussions are always at least two-way. You can try asking the following to get others involved in the discussion:


“That’s just my take on the situation, but what do you think?”

“I would love to hear your thoughts on this.”


4. Take it easy on the booze別喝到爛醉

Understanding your alcohol tolerance is more important than ever when your business social events involve intoxicating substances (namely alcohol). In some cultures, drinking alcoholic beverages is inevitable for successful business socializing, but never bite off more than you can chew. Here are a few ways to refuse [more] booze:


我覺得我不行了。I think I’m done.
我已經茫了。I’m pretty buzzed already.
我已經蠻醉的了。I’m pretty wasted already.
我覺得這樣已經夠了。I think that’s enough for me.
謝謝,但我是今晚的指定司機!Thanks, but I’m the DD tonight!

5. Who’s picking up the tab誰來買單?

If you are the host of the event or the inviter, it’s pretty customary for you to foot the bill. Make sure you make the appropriate arrangements to avoid awkward situations. For example, you can pay for the bill when your guest goes to the toilet, or go to the cashier to pay on your way to the toilet.


二、常用商業英文句型 Common Phrases

While we can’t predict the kind of situation you’ll run into at your next business social event, we have a few common phrases that might come in handy for you under different circumstances:


Asking your guests about any preferences they may have. 詢問你的客人關於他們有的任何喜好

“Are you allergic to anything? Vegan or vegetarian?”

“Are there any types of cuisine you prefer or absolutely do not want?”

“Shall we play it by ear or would you like me to pick the place?”

Small talk and ice breaking. 閒聊和破冰

“Why did you decide to become a(n) ______?”

“So how long have you been with the company?”

“What do you think would be the greatest challenge for this project?”

Wrapping things up. 圓滿完成

“I think that was a very constructive discussion, let’s follow up next

“This has been a very interesting conversation. If it’s okay with you, I would like to keep in touch. Here’s my business card.”
我覺得這次的談論非常有趣。 如果您不介意的話,我想與您保持聯繫。 這是我的名片。

“This was lovely and it was great meeting you. If you ever need help regarding your business, please feel free to contact me.”
很高興見到您。 如果您需要有關業務上的協助,請隨時與我聯繫。

三、1 分鐘英文單字速速記 Vocabulary

  • to pick up the tab (phr. v.) 買單
  • booze (informal / n.) 酒(非正式)
  • stray (v.) 離題
  • debate (n.) 談論
  • heated discussion (n.) 激論
  • sticky situation (n.) 棘手的情況
  • novice (n.) 新手
  • one’s take on something (phr.) 一個人對某件情況的見解
  • intoxicating (adj.) 令人陶醉的,令人極其興奮的
  • to bite off more than one can chew (phr. v.) 承擔力所不及的事;不自量力
  • designated driver (DD) (n.) 指定司機(指一群人中同意不喝酒並負責開車接送他人去往或離開聚會場所的人)
  • wasted (informal / adj.) 爛醉如泥的
  • customary (adj.) 傳統的;慣常的
  • to foot the bill (phr. v.) 買單
  • to play it by ear (phr. v.) 見機行事

There is no one-size-fits-all manual to socializing for business. We have to consider the local culture and customs, nature of the business, settings, even the time of day! However, the pointers provided above are pretty safe and should help you through your first business social event. Feel free to tell us about your business social event experiences!

其實沒有一個適用於所有商業社交情節的通用手冊。 交際應酬時,我們必須考慮當地的文化和習俗、企業的性質、環境、甚至是一整天中的各個時段!此外,上面提供小撇步是超級安全牌,可以幫助你完成第一次的商業社交活動。你也可以跟我們分享一下你在商業社交活動上的不同經歷或小撇步喔!

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商業英文,關於交際應酬,你不得不知的 5 個小常識!


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